Amid NLE Choppa’s claims he has found a cure for cancer, the Memphis rising star is challenging rappers in the industry, specifically Moneybagg Yo, to drink an additional substance to offset their lean intake.

In a full-blown Twitter public service announcement on Tuesday (June 22), NLE Choppa strongly suggested artists sip on a pint of chlorophyll with every pint of cough syrup they are pouring up, directly imploring the A Gangsta’s Pain lyricist to begin his detox journey with a personally motivating call to action.

“I Have A New Challenge For Rappers. For Every Pint of Lean, Or Even Alcohol, Drink A Pint Of Chlorophyll. I Wanna Start By Challenging @MoneyBaggYo I’ll Bring This To You Personally Fam Purple heart Order Here: #Chlorophyllchallenge,” he wrote in a tweet featuring his video P.S.A.

NLE Choppa’s blatant public appeal to Moneybagg Yo follows the CMG artist’s recent outcry to be labeled the “Drank God” for crafting his version of the “Lean national anthem” with his song “Wockesha” — even though Future’s fans shut that self-proclamation down.



Moneybagg Yo Gets Reminded Of Future’s Existence After Claiming ‘Lean National Anthem’

This also isn’t the first time NLE Choppa has challenged his peers or his fanbase to regulate what they are putting into their bodies. Last December during the height of the pandemic, the 18-year-old pleaded with his followers in a series of tweets to avoid taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Stay away from the vaccines I repeat stay away from THEM VACCINES,” he began before doubling down with conspiracy theories.

“Vaccines, Developed by @BillGates , Will alter the DNA with a RNA Coding that will remove parts of your DNA and replace it with GENETIC CODING (TECHNOLOGY),” he said. “This will disable the ability of spirituality and cause people to HAVE to cooperate with the New World Order/One World Order.”

As NLE Choppa continues to press those around him to make changes to become the best versions of themselves, maintaining meditation has changed his life for the better, he still continues with his own struggles with negativity.



More specifically, his legal troubles began to mount recently when he was arrested in Florida on burglary, drugs and weapons charges back in March.