In December, Wu-Tang Clan co-founder the GZA had vocally criticized the state of Hip Hop, by accusing 50 Cent that he doesn’t have lyrics, and not supporting the present trend, including Soulja Boy. “He ain’t shit,” said the GZA before a London audience. Shortly after, the clip aired on YouTube, something the GZA predicted in the clip.

In an editorial with, Soulja Boy responded to the criticism from The Genius. “I wouldn’t even rap against the Genius. I’d put up someone who was born
in ’66 to go against the Genius so it can be a tie. He’s got like 50
years on me. I wouldn’t even associate with the Genius. [In the video]
he was looking like I stole his money or something. He’s in Alaska.
He’s cold
.” According to records, GZA was indeed born in 1966, making him presently 41 years old.

Soulja Boy, who previously had issues with 50 Cent over similar comments made about music’s trend, aligned with the G-Unit mogul. “I just heard 50 Cent talking about the Genius saying he had an Impala his age. Well, that’s the Genius for you. [Laughs]
He has no choice. He got famous for five little minutes, but he had to
sacrifice a relationship with Soulja Boy. Now it’s gone. I ain’t gonna
be like ‘F the GZA‘ ‘cause I ain’t never met that dude.”

It is to be noted that the GZA released his first album Words From The Genius in 1991, and while his first effort was not an initial success, spent considerable time on the charts between 1993 and present day.

HipHopDX will keep you posted if this war of words goes any further.