Rappers Asian Doll and King Von had an on-again, off-again relationship prior to his November 2020 murder. Since Von’s death, she’s adopted the moniker Queen Von and tattooed his name on her body — five times. But apparently before he was fatally shot outside of an Atlanta hookah bar, he impregnated another woman who’s supposedly having his child any day now.

On Sunday (June 13), King Von’s sister Kayla B shared a Twitter post featuring a black-and-white photo of a naked pregnant woman covering her chest up with a white sheet. She followed up with a string of tweets revealing information such as the mother’s name (Skylar) and push present (new house).

King Von’s sister followed up with a clip of Sky celebrating at her baby shower. The caption read, “congratulations skylar & von … 4L.”

Comments about Asian Doll quickly started popping up, with many wondering how she was going to respond to the news her former boyfriend got somebody else pregnant. But judging by her response, she’s unbothered.

“I wasn’t with Von June, July, August, September or October,” she tweeted on Sunday. “I started seeing him the end of November when he booked me for a show. So nothing going on is affecting me in no way literally I still love him he not here & we was once deeply in love so I’ll aways be here 4L.”

She added, “Nobody had a baby on me baby’s came after me & before me I had a choice twice I ain’t want that life I’m good how I’m doing now but fasho I’ll never have no hate towards dayvon Bennett he’s forever living through me & forever in my heart til I die .”

Asian Doll and King Von’s sister Kayla don’t exactly have the most congenial relationship. In January, Asian Doll revealed she’d purchased a $85,000 King Von chain and was acting more like a grieving widow than an ex-girlfriend.

“I use to rock shirts with Von name on it I use to wear his clothes I use to bang his set I talked like him since day1 been rapping like him he I been ‘queen von/ granddaughter, I been posting this man everything I’m doing now I BEEN DID WHILE HE WAS HERE,” she wrote on Twitter at the time. “don’t hate I’m blessed.”

Asian Doll Drops $85K On King Von Chain Following Cuban Doll Fight With Late Rapper’s Sister

As a photo of the chain made the social media rounds, Kayla hopped online to clear up King Von’s relationship status once and for all.

“Von wasn’t in a relationship wit nobody before he died!” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “Wasn’t getting back wit nobody he was living his best life fuckin’ wit who Eva he wanted 2.”

King Von was shot and killed during an altercation with Quando Rondo’s entourage on November 6, 2020. Timothy Leeks, 22, was ultimately arrested and charged with the murder.