Fans have been anxiously awaiting a new project from Kendrick Lamar since 2017’s Pulitzer Prize-winning album DAMN. But as the months drag on, Top Dawg Entertainment has remained mum on the project’s release date, frustrating fans and peers alike.

But on Monday (May 31), a video of The Game praising J. Cole’s latest effort The Off-Season started making the rounds. In the clip, he claims Kendrick’s long awaited album is right around the corner.

“Listening to the n-gga J. Cole’s album,” he says. “N-ggas is rapping. I talked to Top Dawg. You know, he told me Kendrick ‘bout to hit n-ggs with some shit real soon and shit. So, you know, who knows how real soon that it but if Kendrick is working, that shit is always major and that’s my little n-gga. Love that n-gga to death. The whole TDE, all them n-ggas is family. But I’m real inspired, like tonight. I’m real inspired tonight.”

He adds, “I love this beat. It’s nostalgic. It makes me feel like the first time I went to New York when my n-gga Jim Jones picked me up from the airport and just rolled me around. N-gga took me to Harlem. N-gga ain’t even take me to the hotel.”

During a rare interview with HipHopDX in March, Game talked about the homogenized rap currently reigning the Billboard charts and confirmed he had another album on the way — despite retirement talk in 2019.

“It fucking sucks there’s no real substance in music anymore, but we have to go through it until it’s fruitful again,” he said. “Logic is working with Madlib. And of course, Kendrick and Cole, and then I’m coming back again. Shit’s coming.

“Kendrick and J. Cole can only sit quiet for so long, so you’ll get some good shit. And again, I like the fucking Polo Gs, the Pooh Shiestys, and of course Lil Baby, I love it. I’m in my car, I throw on Lil Baby, but everybody’s not Lil Baby. So again, we got to pick and choose what has substance.”

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Game claimed he was hanging up the mic for good following his latest album Born 2 Rap. He elaborated on the topic during an interview with Power 106, explaining, “It is the last album. You know what man, 10 albums is good. No other rapper outside of Drake has more number one albums than me. We tied at nine. But, my album comes out, hopefully, he don’t throw no shit out before me!”

But Game is already poised for a comeback. As for Kendrick, only time will tell when his album will actually drop. In the meantime, find J. Cole’s The Off-Seasonhere.