Asian rapper Jay Park has issued an apology to the Muslim community. Park came under fire from fans for a lyric comparing himself to Allah on “Mukkbang (Remix).” After initially downplaying the reference, Jay Park issued an official apology to social media on Thursday (May 27).

“As I read the comments (not the hateful ones but the ones who are actually trying to educate on why it’s offensive), I see that I used a word some are willing to die behind in my lyrics,” he penned. “It’s not my place to use something that means so much to Muslim people in my rap lyrics freely. I apologize to all my Muslim fans.”

At first, Jay Park claimed to “not see the big deal” about the reference, but as the ire of social media quickly mounted against him, he then deleted the series of defensive tweets and began to change his tune.

“The fact that jay park also wrote this song just shows how disrespectful he is,” one disappointed fan wrote. “When will these artists stop using islamic things for their aesthetics and hv a basic decency for our religion ? Its too normalized and got swept under the rug everytime :(.”

Another said, “Jay park doing everything with the classic audacity of a man: gaslighting, being passive aggressive AND guilt-tripping.”

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Thr 34-year-old Washington native followed up to thank his fan base for their empathy and helping him understand how his words could be hurtful.

“I see where yall comin from now,” Jay Park concluded. “Thanks to those who were kind enough to explain. Love.”

Listen to the “Mukkbang (Remix)” below.