Freekey Zekey has new music because “the rent gotta be paid!” His new mixtape, Blame it on the Henny, is already out. In a recent interview with Kay Slay, Freekey spoke on new details regarding Dipset information and his own work.


With all the “Are they beefing?” talk that has been going around regarding the Dips, it’s been hard to find all of them together on the same page. For awhile, some even claimed not to be speaking. Well, it seems there has been a change in the situation because Zeek had an announcement to make.  


“Diplomat Records is poppin’ right now. We’re gonna have Diplomat Immunity 3, AKA The Forefathers comin’ out,” he said on the show. “Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Freekey, yeah, The Forefathers is comin’ real soon.”


Recently, The Diplomats have been everything but diplomatic. The crew has been beefing and the rumors have been swirling regarding a posse break up. Many have even speculated that the crew would disband and that some of its members would join rival crews such as G-Unit. Well, Freekey claims this was nothing big and that they are back in sync.


“Everybody was talking about we arguing and shit. Yeah, we was. We were yelling at each other. But, who don’t yell with their brothers? Who don’t yell with their mother? Who don’t yell with their family members? But, it is what it is.”


No word on exactly when the album will drop. DX will keep you updated.