Police shootings throughout April have angered citizens across the country. In the midst of the Derek Chauvin-George Floyd trial, a Minnesota police officer killed Daunte Wright after allegedly mistaking her taser for a gun and bodycam footage of Chicago police shooting and killing 13-year-old Adam Toledo in March was released earlier this week.

On the heels of AR-Ab being sentenced to 45 years behind bars on drug charges, Yung Bleu is wondering why drug sentences are so hefty when it’s tough to get police officers who have killed people on manslaughter charges to spend a few years in jail.

“Riddle me this, dog,” he began in an Instagram video late Thursday (April 15). “How the fuck you get 40 years for selling drugs, but a white police officer kills a Black man and y’all don’t even wanna give him manslaughter?”

Yung Bleu continued, “Y’all don’t even wanna give him 10 years, y’all don’t even wanna give him five years. How you get 40 years for selling drugs? The system is really fucked up. I really wanna know how does this happen.”

As far as his music goes, Bleu Vandross notched a feature on the star-studded guest list of Young Thug’s Slime Language 2 compilation project. Bleu appears alongside Thug’s girlfriend Karlae on the starry “Trance.”

The HipHopDX Rising Star made headlines following DMX‘s passing when he revealed DMs with X and claimed he possibly received one of the final features from Dark Man X for his upcoming album.

Yung Bleu Reveals DMX Collaboration Through Instagram DMs

“HOPE IT’S NOT TRUE!,” Yung Bleu wrote in the post, which he quickly deleted. “I hope I don’t GOT one of the LAST DMX FEATUREs. I was gonna surprise the world with it on my album fuck. I don’t know if the news is true but I’m praying for you OG! Fuck the music! I’m praying for you as the person as the father as the legend! Damn man spoiled my whole mood.”