Travis Scott loves his car collection. The Houston rapper has a fleet of luxury vehicles tailored to his liking, and it’s safe to say Scott has expensive taste. Thankfully, his rap career can fund his car addiction, but it seems like La Flame is looking to use his money in a better way. 

In a cover story with L’Officiel Hommesthe Astroworld rapper spoke about cars and everything that comes with them, such as the ones he owns and how he doesn’t need help buying them. He also revealed what dream car he hopes to get one day.

“You know what’s so crazy? At this point, I can say that I would be getting super, super detailed to the vehicle, because I think I have a mix of all the sports cars I’ve ever wanted,” Scott said when asked about his dream ride. “There is this Lambo thats looks like fucking Batman, but I’m not going to lie to you… it’s like $14 million.”


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But when asked how he feels about going after a car with a hefty price tag like that, Scott admitted the chase is pretty ludicrous, saying more people need to be like Elon Musk with their money.

“If you’re at that point in life, why don’t you change the world?,” Travis Scott asked the reporter. “14 million dollars can be used in so many better ways. That’s the interesting thing about what Elon is doing, right? Perfecting design and innovation and selling it for 20 or 30 thousand—the price of what other people would call a ‘regular’ car. So that’s where my mind has kinda been lately. I try to make everything I do more accessible. There are so many things that are so intangible to creative people. It’s just out of their reach!”

He added, “I made some money, spent some money, and am finally getting into a position that I am in now where I want to push the needle to help regular civilians.” 

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