Luckyiam of The Living Legends recently took time off of his busy schedule to sit and speak with HipHopDX about his next solo project, an upcoming tour and a surprising new album for The Living Legends.


Fresh off a tour that saw him hit the road with Atmosphere and Mac Lethal, Lucky is already working on new material.


I’m almost done with my new album,” he told DX. Mike Gao, a Japanese producer will handle the bulk of the production. Expect to see special guests, which he declined to speak on, featured on the album. This LP, which has no set title as of yet, should be released in August of 2008.


Now, after Classic, The Living Legends went their separate ways, for the most part. Later, many speculated that it would be the end of the LL legacy.


Well…They thought wrong,Lucky noted. “LL crew starts a little spring tour in March. We are also about to start recording a new project.


Below are tour dates for members of the Living Legends camp.  


Zion I & The Grouch w/ Pep Love – Santa Barbara, CA

Date: 12.14.07

Mystik Journeymen – Save X-Mas Festival – Carlsbad, CA

Date: 12.15.07

Scarub – San Francisco, CA

Date: 12.19.07

Scarub & Abstract Rude – San Jose, CA

Date: 12.20.07

Mystik Journeymen – Pasadena, CA

Date: 12.21.07

Scarub – Los Angeles, CA

Date: 12.21.07

The Grouch & Eligh – San Diego, CA

Date: 12.22.07

Murs – XMAS Day Show – Long Beach, CA

Additional Performers: 2Mex, Pigeon John, Self-Scientific, DJ Orator.

Date: 12.25.07

The Grouch – Mammoth Lakes, CA

Additional Performers: The Bayliens, The Instant Messengers

Date: 12.27.07

The Grouch – , South Lake Tahoe, CA

Additional Performers: The Bayliens, The Instant Messengers

Date: 12.28.07

The Grouch – Oakland, CA

Additional Performers: Equipto, XienHow, The Bayliens, Urban High Society, and more

Date: 12.29.07

Eligh & Scarub
@ DUB NYE Party – Los Angeles, CA

Additional Performers: MF Doom, Casual, Haiku D’ Etat, Gaslamp Killer, DJ Drez, and more

Date: 12.31.07

– Seattle, WA

Date: 01.18.08

The Grouch & Eligh
– Los Angeles, CA

Date: 01.24.08


Living Legends
– Santa Barbara, CA

Date: 02.08.08