NBA All-Star Weekend went down in Atlanta beginning Friday (March 5), but apparently not everybody who flew in made it home following the festivities. On Sunday (March 7), a young Philadelphia woman who was “stranded” in the Georgia metropolis launched a GoFundMe to help her travel budget.

But Lil Yachty wasn’t having it — instead, he created a TikTok video for his 6.1 million followers, berating the young woman for even going in the first place.

He begins by reciting the woman’s fundraiser description, which explains she only brought $400 with her after booking a one-way ticket. She says she was waiting on an unemployment check to come through, but they “baited.”

@lilyachty##greenscreen U SHOULDA STAYED HOME!!!!!!!!

♬ original sound – lilyachty

As Yachty continues reading, he stops and asks, “Why did you go? You should’ve stayed home. If anybody wants to help this broke girl, they shouldn’t because you should’ve stayed home. YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME!!!!!!!!”

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The GoFundMe has since been canceled, presumably after it went viral and actually exceeded the $1,300 goal. Par for the course, social media exploded with memes and other reactions to the woman’s plight. Some questioned her story, while others jokingly came up with their own reasons for desperately needing money to get back home.

Check out some of the reactions below.