The COVID-19 pandemic hurt the music business in a significant way. Artists couldn’t go on tour, nor could they hit the studio to record music due to people having to quarantine to prevent the virus’s spread. During the first couple months of the shut down, Harlem rapper Jim Jones launched Quarantine Studios, a platform that allowed artists and producers to record music from two different locations but in real-time.

Last month, Noah “40” Shebib sat with Pensado’s Place and spoke with the hosts about discovering a new way to record with Drake— the same way Jones has been doing with Quarantine Studios for over a year now. The internet picked it up and believed the OVO producer was “changing the game.” It’s not the first time Jones had someone else get credit for something he’s introduced.

During his recent conversation with HipHopDX, Jones spoke on the critics continuing not to recognize him for his Hip Hop contributions.

“Things like that been going on from my whole career,” Jones said. “I’m probably smarter than the 99 percent of the artists and the executives that we’ve come in contact with in the past 20 years, and I know that wholeheartedly. People like to hide genius, like to steal ideas and take it to the top. I’m not saying that anybody’s stolen anything that I’ve created because it’s not something that I created wholeheartedly.”

He continued, “It’s something that I figured out how to manipulate other things that people created and put it together. But that’s just the thing. Everybody’s always talking techie when the one thing that being so techie is missing is common sense. My common sense led me to be able to put this together in such a way.”

The Dipset Capo also solidified his claim that his platform is the best out now, especially after linking with TIDAL on the service. According to him, there’s no other platform out there that can surpass or duplicate what he and his team are doing with Quarantine Studios.

“Now I do know this, the way that 40 is doing it is no comparison in the way that I’m doing it,” Jones said confidently via Zoom. “I bet you that nobody right now could get on there, and 40 can show somebody else how to do it and it won’t work the way that 40 is doing it. I bet he doesn’t have the crowd capacity that could be involved with what’s going on as I do, and I mean that.”

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Jones then issued a challenge to anyone willing to put up their equipment with his.

“Anybody can challenge me,” he said boldly. “40 figured out a way to do it, probably watching different things that other people have done, such as myself, but I promise you that’s not what we doing. We run circles around what they doing, you dig? And I’m not even the techie person.”