In a July feature of SPIN magazine, Tony Yayo claimed during an interview that Ghostface Killah did not write his acclaimed album, Supreme Clientele.

“He didn’t even write that album, man,” said Yayo. “He didn’t write it. That kid from Far Rockaway — Superb — he wrote that record. You know Superb from Far Rock?”

The person Yayo referred to – Superb – was a member of Raekwon’s American Cream Tream, who at one point claimed to have written the majority of the album.

During a recent interview with, Ghostface addressed the rumor:

“Yeah, I was in Europe when I heard
[Tony Yayo say] that. That’s just nonsense. I still put mad shit out. ‘Perb was ‘Perb,
Ghost was Ghost. ‘Perb is Rae’s man. He been in the studio a few times
while we’re doing sh*t. He ain’t write shit. All ‘Perb contributed was
a couple of lines that you could put in the air. When we write, we all
do that. “Say this one right here” or “Put this one right here.” We all
catch lines with each other ‘cause you in the studio. You got niggas
around you that write. Even if he did write a verse, he could never
make an album of mine. He couldn’t make an album, you feel me? I made
Supreme Clientele what it is. Those are my stories, based around whatever they’re based
upon. It’s me…But, Yayo can suck a fat dick. Tell him I said that.

Also in the interview, Ghostface spoke on his displeasure with the newest Wu-Tang album, 8 Diagrams:

“That shit is wack. I heard RZA was
changing some of the beats around the last minute. I didn’t hear that.
I don’t know what y’all listening to out there. I never heard it. I’m
with Raekwon.”

In response to RZA saying he had never owed anyone any money, Ghostface said he had just won a court case from, presumably, RZA.

I don’t see RZA, man,” said Ghost of his relationship with the Wu-Tang Abbot. “That nigga’s
real sneaky. I love him, though. Ain’t no bad blood. Ain’t nobody doing
no bad to him. It’s just that you can’t get money with a nigga.”