Don’t mistake NLE Choppa’s kindness for weakness. Choppa took to social media on Thursday (January 28) with a PSA for Akademiks, who might have taken his respectful behavior the wrong way when Ak was interviewing him. The Memphis native let the former Everyday Struggle co-host know he can flip the switch at any time.

“This is real funny to me fool because I ain’t never seen a n-gga that want me to come on they show ratchet as hell and on what they was just on,” he explained. “If I’m coming on somebody show, I’ma come respectful because this was how I was brought up. I’m always respectful until I’m disrespected.”

He continued, “To me, there’s morals, boundaries and discipline. It’s a balance with everything, you don’t have to be too much of this and too much of that. Hell yeah, I’ma pull up to a show or podcast humble as hell, but I still know in the back of my mind that I’ll smack the shit out of you.”


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Choppa believes the loudest ones usually are the weakest and even though he’s on his spiritual journey, he hasn’t totally forgotten about his past.

“They saying you can’t be spiritual and gangsta at the same time,” Choppa said. “Yeah, I’m on to better fool, but I’ll never forget where the fuck I was at. At the end of the day, it’s still a part of me. The other way ain’t never went nowhere, it’s just a balance.”

NLE Choppa Continues His 2Pac Wave With 'Picture Me Grapin'' Video Despite Label Gripes

The 18-year-old paid homage to 2Pac’s 1993 Kani look by mimicking him with a photoshoot featuring the hoodie Pac wore himself earlier this month. Choppa continued to pay homage to the West Coast legend with the release of his “Picture Me Grapin” video last Friday (January 22), which can be viewed below.