Foxy Brown, sentenced to solitary confinement for committing three violations at Rikers Island, was released for good behavior.

Foxy was initially sentenced to solitary for engaging in a shoving match with a fellow inmate on the way to the dining hall, being verbally abusive to a correction officer and finally refusing to take a drug test.

Foxy’s manager Chaz
said at the time that the allegations were for the most part a misunderstanding. “Really she didn’t hear the request,” he said of the drug test. “She has a battery-operated device and sometimes it dies out.

Foxy is out and her spirits never wavered,”
said Williams, according to “While in solitary, she continued to
answer each and every fan letter. She also told me she wrote some
pretty hot songs while there. She’s back in the law library and looks
forward to ending this chapter in her life.”

Originally sentenced to 76 days of “punitive segregation” on Oct. 16, Foxy was released after just 40 days. Her year-long jail bid began on Sept. 8 for violating her probation following several arrests.