Cash Money Records CEO and president Baby “Birdman” Williams and brother Ronald “Slim” Williams were among 16 people arrested yesterday in Kingsport, Tennessee for possession of over a half-ounce of marijuana each.

The Williams brothers and the entourage were traveling in an RV on Interstate 81, when they were stopped by police troopers for allegedly forcing an 18-wheeler truck into the emergency lane for a yield.

The 38-year-old Birdman, who was accompanied by his 18 year-old wife Brittany, was held responsible for the marijuana that was discovered in the kitchenette garbage can. In addition to the Williams brothers, at least three other Cash Money Records executives were arrested in the incident.

The Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is also involved due to a .45 pistol found on the scene too.

Also in Cash Money news…

It seems like the Dogg Pound/Cash Money union is not going to work out as Daz and Kurupt have decided to part ways with the label.

It didn’t last but a few months as the duo figures that the home of Lil Wayne and Baby isn’t big enough for The Dogg Pound. The reason for the split? Cash.

“Tha Dogg Pound announced today that it terminated the Cash Money deal because, in short, Cash Money just couldn’t come up with the cash,” the group says in a statement. “Though the Tha Dogg Pound was looking forward to working with Slim and Baby, Tha Dogg Pound is moving on to pursue other endeavors.”

In the meantime, the group will stay busy with a few projects.

“Be on the look out for “Make it Rain” the Movie and other albums to be released with other parties in the near future,” the statement continues before revealing the next release coming from the duo. “Including, Daz’s solo project Only On the Left Side coming soon.”

We’ll keep you posted on the future of The Dogg Pound.

Additional Reporting By: Andreas Hale