As members of one of the most famous Hip Hop groups in the world, Inspectah Deck and his Wu-Tang Clan brethren Ghostface Killah sometimes rub shoulders with other celebrities at Hollywood shindigs. But one particular party was a little too outside their comfort zone and left a mark on Deck that will not soon be forgotten.

During a recent interview with the No Filter podcast, the Czarface MC recalled a Hollywood party that involved several high-profile names engaging in salacious activities.

“We went to a house party in Hollywood, it was half of us, we went to the after-party, saw a lot of famous faces,” he said. “We like, the uninvited guests. We the hood walkin’ through the mansion and it just was crazy. I remember me and Ghost — Ghost will tell you this, too — we opened up a couple of doors just trying to see what was going on and Imma tell y’all, too. Y’all make it to Hollywood, get invited to these parties and all that, don’t be curious, bro. Don’t be opening doors.”

He continued, “We opened the doors and we saw a whole lotta, you know … a whole lotta inappropriate activities going on … Nothing against gay people. It’s a lotta gay shit going on. Me personally, I love women. What’s that, Homosapien? I’m pro-women.” Of course, Deck meant heterosexual but fumbled the word.

Deck refused to expose anyone by name, but he confirmed it happened in “broad daylight.” He said later on, the people they saw at the house approached them as if they were best friends.

“Now they want to check your temperature,” he added. “They want to know what you saw and how you feel about it. I think in that case, that lets them know if you can come back to the house. I know I ain’t never been invited back, dawg [laughs]. I feel they know how I stand when it comes to me. I’ll skip that type of party anyway.”

Method Man, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killah & U-God's Kids Bar Up On 'Hereditary' Album With Inspectah Deck

Deck recently popped up on 2nd Generation Wu’s surprise album Hereditary. The group —  comprised of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s son Young Dirty Bastard, Meth’s son PXWER, Ghostface Killah’s son Sun God and U-God’s son iNTeLL — spit out 12 new tracks including three bonus cuts. Deck appears on the song “Goldn Meathooks.”

In a 2020 interview with MC Serch’s Serch Says Podcast, Meth deemed Deck the most underrated rapper ever.

“To me, Inspectah Deck is one of the most underrated MCs of all time,” he said. “I think a lot of the appeal to Deck is … remember back in the days, before videos, and you heard an MC? You never knew what they looked like, all you could focus on was the words. I think if Deck came in that era right there where all they could focus on was the words and not the spectacle of what’s going on around him, he would have blew up much more than he did.”