Young Thug apparently isn’t shy when it comes to showing his admiration for his idol Lil Wayne — despite their questionable past. During an episode of Gillie Da Kid’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Thugger opened up about how much he admires the Cash Money legend and showed off his Lil Wayne tattoo, which lives on his arm.

Even though Wayne initially snubbed Thug the first time they met, his respect for the multiplatinum-selling rapper remains unwavering.

“I got that n-gga name tattooed,” Thug said as he lifted up his sleeve. “This n-gga’s name tattooed, it’s gang. He knew [I was a fan], for sure. I’m honest. I’m just a real person. I don’t know how to be in a room and be fake.”

Thug admitted he was hurt when Wayne wouldn’t give him daps.

“Man that n-gga gotdamn … the first day he didn’t dap me up,” Thug said elsewhere in the interview. “Tried me. Now my feet hurt and I’ma real stepper. Left the pimpin’ hanging. He prolly had them chrome hearts on. One time I dapped him up (and gave me weak dap).

“I’m like, ‘Hey listen bruh, I’m never touching your hand again. Just off of that. I’m a player, I’m a real player and I don’t give no fuck. Nothing about me is a groupie, no nothing! You inspired me.”

Young Thug Claims To Have More 'Stadium Anthems' Than JAY-Z — Then Snaps Out Of It

Thug’s time with the Million Dollaz Worth of Game crew caused some controversy for the Super Slimey rapper. While talking about his catalog, he claimed he had 30 to 40 stadium-sized anthems all of his fans would know and added, “JAY-Z ain’t have 30 songs like that.”

Realizing he’d made a misstep, Thug tried to back out of the comment, saying, “I’m just saying like, I know he do, he probably got 50 of them bitches. I”m not literally saying him. I’m saying n-ggas who you thinking … I seen n-ggas like, ‘Damn, they don’t know this song?’ I’m so scared to get boo’ed, I don’t even perform songs they won’t know.”

Even so, the damage was done and Thug fielded an onslaught of criticism for his comment. The following day, he blamed “internet shit” for blowing it out of proportion.

Watch the full interview above. The Lil Wayne topic comes up around the 16-minute mark.