Saigon’s fans have been waiting for the emcee’s
debut to hit store shelves for nearly four years. Just when it seemed that
fans would finally get their fix of
Sai verses, more delays arrive. Although many thought that the album would drop

on December 4, a congestion of sorts has caused the album to be pushed back into to 2008.

“Everybody is fighting for that date,” Saigon told MTV recently.
“It’s nothing to wait another month or month and a half. … I’d
rather wait for the new year than get caught up in that fourth-quarter
congestion. It’s good. It’s definitely coming through. It won’t be
another six months or five months. It’s coming real soon.”

Fans need not fret. The rapper has decided to release an original “street tape” with fresh new rhymes and beats.

Jay-Z appears on the tape for a track titled “Come On Baby,” produced by Just Blaze, that also features Swizz Beatz.

Jay is on fire once again…We thought the timing was
good to put it out now. The video [with the original version]
premiered. They took so long to shoot the video for the original, we
just launched the remix to radio. We couldn’t get Jay to do the video,
Saigon noted.

Jay also spoke on the collaboration.“I met Saigon before,” he told MTV. “He’s a cool guy
as well. But Just Blaze … that’s his artist. So we had records and
work like that. It’s in-house. Big fan? Of Saigon? Yeah, he’s
good…But I wouldn’t have did it … to be honest with you. I like
Saigon. If I don’t have a relationship with the artist, I’m not just
doing it for the sake of doing it. If you look at my past record, I’ve
done records because of relationship, not ’cause this guy’s good or

The mixtape Just Blaze Presents: The Moral of the Story is already buzzing on the net and in the streets. But, the new album is still waiting for the release. The album,
The Greatest Story Never Told is still waiting for an official release date. Stay tuned for more.