After having a show in Macon, Georgia canceled last month, King Von’s uncle Range Rover Hang (he got the name by owning six Range Rovers) believes Quando Rondo won’t be able to perform anytime soon. Speaking to Fucious TV, Hang reflected on the loss of his nephew and had a message for Rondo.

“Nah, I mean he can slip through the cracks, but it’s ugly for him,” he warned Rondo of hitting the stage. “Niggas got points to prove. That was a real one. They killed a real one and we ain’t never going to get nobody else like that.”

Hang continued, “A nigga that’s taking his first $100,000 and passing it out. My homie Ferrari Truth called him, ‘Why ain’t you getting no cars yet?’ [Von] said, ‘I want to make sure the niggas in the hood are straight. I want to make sure my family’s straight and I want to buy 100 bikes for the kids and buy O’Block.”


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Even though he never heard the entirety of Rondo’s defiant “End of Story” speaking on Von’s death, Hang offered up a sinister response of his own on wax with “The Story Continues.”

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“Quando Rondo and Lul Timmy too can’t wait till you get ceased/Killer Ward shout-out OTF somebody gon’ get strapped/Beat his ass just like my nephew, take his chain up off his neck,” Range Rover Hang freestyles over Von’s “Crazy Story” beat.

Von was one of three people killed during a fatal shootout outside Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta on November 6. He was just 26 years old.