Faizon Love is making his disdain for Dave East known far and wide, even when confirming the gangsta of other cities in the country.

The Friday comedian sat down with DJ Vlad for an interview and while the two discussed Boosie Badazz’s recent shooting in Dallas, Love said he had no fear of going to Texas but understood following the shootings of both Boosie and Mo3, people in Dallas take their beef serious.

“I’m going there Wednesday,” Love told Vlad around the 3:45 mark. “It’s very serious. I frequent Dallas … it’s a different thing for me. A way different thing. I respect them. It’s not like the Dave East shit. The kids out there, they real about this shit.”

He added, “It’s a real thing. Dallas, Houston, Tulsa, Memphis, Chicago … you can’t fuck around. At all.”

The comedian has made it known he’s not fond of the Harlem rapper and his alleged gang ties. At one point, he called out noted Los Angeles Crip MC Eiht for co-signing East and his Cripping. The Compton’s Most Wanted rapper obliged the Money Talks actor, telling him to stay out of Crip business in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX.

Comedian Faizon Love Says Dave East Has To Worry About Bloods For Being A 'Fake Crip'

In a previously released segment of his interview with Vlad, the comedian continued to go in on East and his ties to being a “real Crip.” Despite being 52, Love was concerned with the issue because he grew up in real gang culture in Los Angeles. Regardless of his feelings about East, the comedian decided to make a statement once more taking shots at any rapper claiming gang life and not preparing for the consequences.

“You can’t just say something,” Love said. “Once you put that out there you’re letting people know. So I’m not your worst guy, your worst problem is a young brother coming up from ESP, a real blood, catching you and that’s it.”

He continued, “You can’t rap when he comes up. ‘I’m from ESP Piru. What it do?’ If you banging, that’s what banging is. You don’t aspire to be a gang member. You’re from that set, you grow up, you don’t really grow out of it. It’s always apart of you.”