G-Unit has had its share of ups and downs. Now, the crew is up and ready to reload with a new album. Fif and Co. have been recording for awhile now, and their new LP, Shoot to Kill, is already on its way to hit store shelves in mid-December, just in time for Christmas.


Don’t expect any Christmas cheer on this LP, though. As the title suggests, they aren’t exactly aiming for joy.


“That describes the aggressiveness,” Tony Yayo told MTV on Monday.


“A lot of people out there sleep on the Unit, but the Unit is back. You be hearing a lot of rumors, people feel certain ways, but we’re over 30 million sold as a whole. I been hearing a lot of people sleeping. The hip-hop eras change; down South is winning. We’re like the only ones holding it down for New York.”

While The Unit is usually known for rhyming over unknown producers’ beats, don’t expect to see a completely unknown producer list on this one.


“The standout tracks is the tracks with Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. Those are my favorites. It’s fun again,” he noted.


While the music side of life may be fun, the legal part of it is still causing some headaches. As many know, Yayo was accused of assaulting Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond‘s son earlier this year.


“I’m not guilty either…I’m going to court. I’m out on bail. I swear to my kids, I didn’t smack that kid…I don’t smack kids. It kinda hurt my feelings [when] the Daily News and everybody said bad things about me. I have a criminal record already, so the system looks at me like, ‘This guy’s been to jail before, and he’s a problem.’ I’m not that type of guy.”

“I been to jail before…I been in a cell. I had a shower and toilet. … I don’t wanna go to jail, but hey, life is life. … My mom’s crib got shot 21 times. I didn’t cry to the public about it. I don’t know who did it. A lot of people don’t like G-Unit, a lot of people do,” he added.


For now, Yayo will focus on completing the new G-Unit album, which is slated to hit stores December 18.