The New York Daily News reports that investigators may be closer to finding the person who murdered Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay. The case turned cold, when all original leads produced nothing after over five years. Now authorities believe the killer may be identifiable by a tattoo on his neck.

“This is not a Biggie Smalls case or a Tupac case,” said Jay’s business partner Randy Allen. “This is a case that can be solved.” Allen had previously come under fire for failing to provide information, and a previous report by The News stated he was believed to have buzzed the alleged killer into the studio when Jay was murdered. Allen maintains that he has fully cooperated with investigators and expressed his anger at the lack of cooperation from others related to the murder.

An anonymous witness account, which has been made public for the first time, confirms Allen’s account of how Jay (born Jason Mizell) was slain.

Jay looked up at the guy to say what’s up,”
Allen recounts. “And the next thing you know, a shot goes off…My buddy’s lying there, bleeding from his head.”

There has been no public comment from New York authorities since the witness account has become public. Since its occurrence on Oct. 30, 2002 the murder of Jam Master Jay remains one of the city’s most high-profile unsolved murders. For the full report click HERE.