50 Cent previously endorsed Donald Trump for re-election after disagreeing with President-Elect Joe Biden’s tax plan, which would’ve raised 50’s taxes considerably. Eventually, the former G-Unit general sided with Biden and explained why to The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (November 17).

After noting he felt comfortable sharing his thoughts with the morning show, 50 revealed Trump’s campaign offered him a considerable amount of cash for his allegiance.

“They offered me $1 million to go to Trump’s inauguration,” 50 said. “I passed on that. [They offered] $500,000, and it went up to $1 million while I was still confused with whether I should do it.”

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The confusion came from whether 50 could bounce back from a controversial move like supporting Trump. Kanye West was dragged and canceled all over social media for supporting Trump in 2018, and it seems 50 didn’t want the same fate.



“He was needing it for the same reasons you see now, he participated with different artists, and shit like that, for the Black vote,” 50 said. “And I’m going, nah, I ain’t gone put myself in that position ’cause I don’t know what I’d have to do to recover from that.”

After turning down the offer, 50 said he saw a news report breaking down Biden’s tax plan on CNBC. He claims it caught him off guard since the tax plans of both Trump and Biden weren’t fully discussed during the debate thanks to the more pressing COVID-19 issue.



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Biden’s tax plan led to an Instagram post from 50 encouraging his 26.2 million followers to “vote for Trump,” but he insisted he wasn’t paid for the post that was circulating across different newspapers. When Charlamagne Tha God asked 50 if he thought Lil Wayne got paid for his endorsement of Trump, 50 doubled down on those claims.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” he said. “Easily. He got paid. He had the sweater.”