Top Dawg Entertainment’s REASON has announced a release date for his upcoming album New Beginnings. After taking a swipe at Logic on his single “The Soul Pt. 2,” the West Coast rapper revealed his next project will drop on October 9.

“I had to get rid of every fear, anxiety, doubt, and negative mindset to make this project,” he wrote on Instagram. “Through it all I’m just proud and thankful for the opportunity to share this part of myself with y’all. Humbled and thankful to all of y’all that have been patient with me but I’m proud to say ‘soon’ is almost here.”

REASON hasn’t dropped a project since 2018 when his There You Have It album was re-released on TDE. The album originally came out in 2017 prior to him signing with the label.

Although REASON’s Logic diss grabbed some attention from fans, the lyrical jab didn’t seem to bother its target. When asked about the TDE rapper dissing him on a Twitch stream, Logic simply said, “I don’t know who that is.”

In a since-deleted tweet, REASON noted his line about Logic was written before the former MC stepped away from music. He still hasn’t explained why he took a verbal shot at the retired rapper though.

“I’ll talk about the logic thing if necessary later,” he wrote. “But I do wanna make clear I didn’t wait til he retired to take a shot. I wrote this shit a year ago. That’s corny to do that now after he’s announced retirement. Take care, enjoy the music!”

Logic Dismisses TDE Rapper REASON's Existence — & His 'The Soul Pt. 2' Single

On “The Soul Pt. 2,” REASON accuses Logic of being a culture vulture.

“See y’all mistake my name for Logic’s, y’all got me fucked up/How you compare a nigga that take from the culture/Versus a nigga that’s for it? This shit getting boring,” he raps.

Listen to the full track below.