No matter how many collabs with famous rappers he has, BFB Da Packman has a goal for when he’ll leave his job working at the post office.

The Flint-to-Houston rapper shared a post on Saturday (September 26) showing him sorting mail packages and declaring that quitting wasn’t an option, at least not yet.

“Video with @wizkhalifa yesterday … POST OFFICE  TODAY,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’m not quitting until I get 50 million in my account.

The video Bfb is referring to is “Funtime,” a collab where he and Wiz not only clown around in the studio but also on the basketball court. Each trade one-liners about how they get down in life, Wiz declaring himself the “realest nigga of our generation” and Bfb listing off reasons why his baby mama left him.

Bfb Da Packman Says Rapping Paid Off His Grandmother’s Debt

Bfb may not have reached his personal threshold to give up his job at the post office but he did clear one goal – assist his grandmother.

Earlier this month he shared that he’s managed to pay off her debt strictly from rapping.

“My granny was damn near 10k in debt and she suffered in silence,” he wrote on Twitter. “Thanks to rap music and the fans I paid that shit off my baby just sat on the phone and cried. Thanks sooo much y’all.”