Plies has always been someone calling for the police to be held accountable for their actions when dealing with the public. On Sunday (September 13), the “Shawty” rapper had a message for those showing support for fallen officers. In short, he wants those individuals to keep that same energy when unarmed Black men are killed.

“If U Care About Police Officers Getting Shot But Can’t Find It In Your Heart To Sympathize With Unarmed Black Men Getting Killed By Law Enforcement,” he wrote. “U Just A One Sided Individual!!!!”

There was an outpouring of support for a pair of officers who were ambushed while parked in their police vehicle by an unknown assailant Saturday night (September 12) in Compton. Luckily, the entire altercation was caught by surrounding security cameras.

Both LAPD deputies, one man and one woman, are now expected to survive their gunshot wounds following successful surgery, according to CNN.

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Music manager Wack 100 warned the public about the possibility there could be more violence against the police in the near future.

“A gang is a group of people that represent the SAME CAUSE,” Wack captioned his post. “Now I want all to understand what we do when the opp hits one of us & we can’t identify who it was. We blanket and move on everything that could of did it. In this case it’s US that will get the blame. So prepare yourselves for the change in temperament and aggressiveness. STAY WOKE , MOVE RIGHT & DON’T go to church now if your applauding this – MY Blessings to the officers families and my blessings to the man on foot.”

Plies also took issue with fans booing the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans players last Thursday (September 10) for showing a sign of unity by locking arms to protest social injustice pre-game.

“To The Kansas City Chiefs Fans (Or Whatever Fans It Was) Who Booed The Players Last Night 4 Locking Arms & Standing Up 4 ‘Equality,'” he began. “Y’all Are What’s Wrong With This Country!”