Dave East has a message for Delta Airlines after he was removed from a flight to Atlanta on Friday (September 11).

“RACISM,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a three-minute video of his experience with Delta crew after he was removed. “Fucc Delta! Racist Ain’t Even The Word! This Jamaican Man Defending me and He don’t even know me!!!! He watched the racist harassment!!!!

“Delta Airlines Y’all Need To Stop Hiring these racist, stupid, ignorant TRUMP supporters that get nervous when they see a PERSON OF COLOR in first class!!! Bitch just ask me what I want to drink and keep it pushing!!!! Shit got me Hot.”

East alleges he was kicked off the flight from New York to Atlanta because a woman got nervous seeing a Black man in first class. Despite a stranger attempting to defuse the situation and allowing East to fly, the Karma 3 rapper chose to exit the flight. As he exited the plane, he was greeted by more than six officers from the New York Port Authority, waiting on him.

“Where the lady at who got me kicked off the plane?” East asks as the flight crew waits for an all-clear. “With all this shit going on in the news — Black people getting shot every fuckin’ day — y’all do this on an airplane? Look at y’all. Y’all don’t even wanna be here!”

East then begins filming the Port Authority officers and recording their badge numbers. Once he reaches the lone Black officer, he says, “You the brotha. You just doing yo job though.”

Dave East Says 'FUCC NYPD' After He's Taken Into Custody

Following the incident, East wondered why they were letting the woman who offended him and start everything fly and not him. The man defending him can be seen on camera once more talking to an attendant but isn’t getting through to her. “It’s a mental block, bro, East comments. “A mental block.”

East’s issues with racism as well as authorities have been a common point in 2020. In May, he was taken into custody by the New York Police Department and cited for marijuana possession and disorderly conduct.

The Harlem rapper was in the backseat of an SUV that was pulled over by cops for failure to signal near the Queensbridge Houses. According to NBC4 New York, East and another passenger allegedly became “combative” with asked to present identification.

A search of the vehicle turned up six bags of marijuana, prompting officers to take him into custody. He shared a video of the incident with him in handcuffs but later deleted it.