Memphis’ own NLE Choppa has built a following off his “Shotta Flow” series, first breaking out in 2018 with the original before letting it run on YouTube. The video not only set in motion NLE’s career, it boomed on YouTube, racking up over 100 million views.

“The first week was crazy with ‘Shotta Flow,’ the first week I was watching the numbers grow and grow and I said, ‘I got one, I finally got the joint!’ NLE tells HipHopDX for the latest episode of The Thought Box. “It’s crazy when you get that song that blow up and you realize how all your other music was doing, then you get that song that blows up? Them muthafuckas was goin’ up. I had niggas ’round the talkin’ ’bout I was buyin’ views. You can’t buy no like and no comments! You look at them likes and them comments, them subscribers … all that shit. All that time I prayed that shit … spoke that shit into there.”

Ranking NLE Choppa's 'Shotta Flow' Series

Evolving into its own series, “Shotta Flow” became one of NLE’s trademarks and following “Shotta Flow 5,” he’s ready to retire the concept. Unless he manages to get one New Orleans legend to join him for the finale.

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“The best ‘Shotta Flow’ is ‘Shotta Flow 5,’ cause it ended it off but I don’t even like makin’ ‘Shotta Flows’ no more. I’m tryna get out that box. So ‘Shotta Flow 5’ is my favorite one cause it’s the last one. I said I’d do a ‘Shotta Flow 6’ featuring Lil Wayne. That’s the only way I’d come out of ‘Shotta Flow’ retirement if Wayne hop on the ‘Shotta Flow.'”