Wu-Tang Clan royalty GZA’s recent social media activity has been making fans do a double-take as of late, even with some calling for him to delete the posts.

On Friday (August 7), the 53-year old punny lyricist shared a short video clip to his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts from an undisclosed oceanside view and posed the question: “Round or flat?” with a thinking emoji.

It didn’t take long before fans of the Liquid Swords mastermind to begin the question the overall motive — or the sanity of the revered MC.



“I thought you were GZA the Genius?” one fan wrote on Instagram. “Perfect reason to stop following you, thanks” another quipped on Facebook.

Other fans tried to read deeper into the posts and come up with more profound meaning. After all, this is the rapper who has personified record labels, celebrities and animals to curate his art.

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GZA’s geography know-how isn’t the only one of his posts that have come under fire with fans as of late. On Thursday (August 6), he ruffled the feathers of his million-strong following by appearing to question the validity of the flu vaccine with a meme.

Many fans were quick to point out the constant mutation of the flu virus, making the yearly vaccinations necessary.



Although GZA hasn’t released a studio solo album in more than a decade, fans may get the opportunity to hear his expanded thoughts on the recently announcedOnly Built 4 Cuban Linx 3 or Method Man and Havoc collaborative album.