Ice Cube urged Black Americans to recognize the importance of their vote in a vlog posted on Monday (August 3). The legendary MC addressed the controversy he’s stirred up following George Floyd’s murder and championed his “Contract With Black America” while discussing the 2020 election season.

“A lot of people think I’ve been on one for these last few months ever since George Floyd was killed, but I been on one my whole career,” he said. “So, shit ain’t nothing new. I feel like I’ve been ahead of the curve. I’ve been waiting for people to catch up.”

After briefly referencing his Twitter tirades, Cube turned his attention to the upcoming election in November. He called on Black citizens to use their vote to enact change and promoted his “Contract With Black America,” which seeks a Neo-Reconstruction to empower Black Americans economically and educationally.

“We got shit to do, man,” he stated. “It’s an election coming up. I don’t think neither party respect what we need done to close this wealth gap. And I think we gotta use our vote, this Black vote, as a fucking tool. Some call it a weapon to get what we want. Don’t matter which party give it to us. Somebody gotta get behind the Contract with Black America. It’s very broad. It deals with a lot of our pain. And it helps us catch up.”

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We must weaponize our vote to get what we want.

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Cube closed out his message by proclaiming he’s strictly focused on making America a better place for his fellow Black citizens. Additionally, the West Coast OG stressed how critical the next few months will be in regards to reaching his goal.

“Me, I don’t really … I ain’t got nothing else I’m doing or passionate about but some change,” he explained. “I don’t give a damn about a movie or a fucking record or none of that shit. I care about changing it, changing the situation for Black people in this country. And I want people to get behind it. We got a short window. This is it. We don’t get it now, might be another fucking 30 years before we get any of this.”

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He continued, “We gotta go for it now. It ain’t no time to play. I don’t want my kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, anybody after that to have to deal with this bullshit. We gotta change it now. Straight up. We gotta get serious. We got 90-something days to push this program. I need all hands on deck.”

Watch Cube’s message above and view his “Contract With Black America” here. Read more about his proposal in his op-ed for the political publication The Hill.