Snoop Dogg has made numerous forays into gaming, from appearing in Def Jam’s Fight For NY video game in 2004 to launching his own esports league, Gangsta Gaming in 2019.

Now the D-O-Double-G has a brand new mobile game where you can loosely tell your own Hip Hop story in Snoop Dogg’s Rap Empire.

“Checc out my new game & write your own chapter of hip-hop history #RapEmpire … Link in bio …. @diggitaldogg,” Snoop shared on Instagram on Friday (July 17).

The synopsis of the game centers around a character starting their career as a down-on-their-luck rapper, “slinging mixtapes on Venice Beach” and are ready to quit until Snoop stumbles upon the main character’s music, setting you on the path for rap stardom.

The idle tapper based game asks players to lay down tracks in the studio, upgrade the studios with new and better instruments, build a team of managers, sign to different labels, explore different cities and more. Snoop has your back throughout the game to make sure you hit it big, including helping you invest in real estate and make money outside of the rap game.

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Snoop’s Diggital Dogg gaming and animation house has launched numerous apps aside from Rap Empire including Snoop’s Animojis, Ice Cube’s Big 3 app and The Circuit: Gladiator Arena.

As far as Snoop’s actual history in games the Long Beach legend has appeared in everything from both NHL 20 and Madden 20 to Way of the Dogg and True Crime: Streets of LA. He’s also lent his voice to games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and UFC 3.

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