Nelly is back with Brass Knuckles. This is Nelly‘s first album in about three years and he’s brought some friends along. Aside from label mates, Nelly has T.I., Akon, Snoop Dogg, Sean P, Pimp C and Babyface on the LP.


That is not all. Earlier this year, JD told MTV that Nelly is working on something that could be very big for this album.


“Nelly’s got a crazy collaboration he’s trying to put together, which is him, Janet and Mariah Carey all on one song…That’s what he wants. If he could convince them to do it, it would be crazy. He wants Janet to rap a 16-bar verse, he wants Mariah to sing the hook and he’s gonna do two verses. He has it all planned out. You ask him about it! This is what he wants; he’s 100-percent deadlocked into it.”

He later added that Nelly may work with another unexpected guest.


“I think he’s doing a record with Bruce Springsteen. You know he always has to do one of those! My two records [that J.D. has produced for Nelly so far], he’s gonna have some people on them — I won’t tell it yet. I don’t want to jinx the record.”

Those guests are still unconfirmed, but it seems Nelly has a lot in store.


Brass Knuckles is slated to hit store shelves October 16.