According to Miss Info’s site, one of her sources has informed her that 50 Cent entirely flipped out at G-Unit offices. According to the report, 50 was screaming into his blackberry phone, he was on a rampage, he
ripped off the 70 inch plasma on the wall and then to top it off, he
threw his phone straight thru the window of his executive
office….shattering the glass all over thirtysomething street.”

The report alleges that the source of this outburst may be traced to the words he said before he threw the phone out of the window: “He yelled ‘You’re fucking everything up, you’re messing up my look, my
album, so you know what, I’m on fuckin’ vacation now. Fuck you and fuck

Apparently Fif was steamed that Interscope let 50’s third (or is it sixth?) single, “Follow My Lead” ft. Robin Thicke leak on the web. The single, which wasn’t supposed to come out until October (after the album drops and the Justin Timberlake collabo “Ayo Technology” loses steam).

Fif also apparently told the head of Interscope that “he’s boycotting all promo all media and possibly leaving the label.”