Oakland, CA – Most African Americans have found way their way in some sort of debate related to their skin tone at one point in their lives. Hip Hop vets Dee-1 and Murs have consolidated such an argument for their new video “2 Dark Skin, 2 Light Skin,” which is the second leading track behind “No Pictures Of Jesus” from their upcoming collaboration album.

Directed by Justin Marmostein of Marmo Films, the 90s throwback visual finds the two black brothers outlining their gripes with colorism law — all the while their blind dates are looking to align and stereotype their personalities with their body hues.

The colorful clip goes the distance in referencing iconic entertainment from yesteryear, including The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, The Simpsons and Super Mario Bros.

Watch Dee-1 and Murs “2 Dark Skin, 2 Light Skin” video above and look out for their upcoming full-length duet this spring.

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