Fast times and money can both have their spoils, as well as equally grave consequences. It’s a multi-layered dynamic surging North Carolina rapper Toosii details in full through his “Why You Think” video.

The YUNGMIK3-directed visual does its part in capturing the gleam of pristine diamonds and carrot-colored backdrop throughout (powered by a mean orange-tinged Dodge Challenger) but it’s the unconscious lyrics that paint the most vivid imagery here.

Midway into the song’s opening barrage, the South Coast Music Group artist irons it out with chilling realism.

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“Bro say just for a feature he’ll get ’em dead, he reminiscing/Nigga, is you gon’ pay your shooters or is you gon’ play your shooters?/We treat your shooters like they target practice, slay your shooters/He got no play, he on the bench, nigga, you 2K-ed your shooter/Wonder why he gunnin’ for your head, ’cause you ain’t save your shooter,” outlining how even the bad guys can get much worse.

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Watch the energetic “Why You Think” video above and check out Toosii’s recently released album, Platinum Heart down below.

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