Hot on the heels of his gospel-inspired single “Believe” featuring Justin Timberlake, Meek Mill took to Twitter on Friday (February 7) for a good old fashioned Q&A with his fans — and got mostly dragged.

As expected, Meek chose to indulge followers that launched softballs his way, providing some insight into his upcoming album and future projects along the way.

When a fan asked if the entirety of his upcoming LP would be slow tempo like “Believe,” he responded, “Hellllll nahhhhhhhhh,” adding it would be more “turnt up.” He also provided closure on the possible collaborative project with the late Nipsey Hussle, telling one fan, “We never finished it… [there are] songs left but they for his family.”

Then there were more lighthearted, personal questions such as whether he wanted a boy or girl (he answered girl) and what his Valentine’s Day plans were (he has a “fiya” date night planned). Meek even revealed he’s planning to open his own Philly cheesesteak restaurant in his hometown this year.

Despite Meek’s congeniality, that didn’t stop people from bringing up his recent e-battle with ex Nicki Minaj and the physical abuse allegations. Naturally, an inevitable dragging ensued.

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Check out some of the disrespectful questions below.