With a new album on the way, and plenty of Vitamin Water money still coming in, only one thing can stop 50 Cent’s momentum–“Big Brother.”

After being introduced by Timbaland earlier this year, 50 and Justin Timberlake collaborated on a track, which was tentatively titled “Ayo Pornography.” The title has since been changed to “Ayo Technology,” at the request of Interscope Records. When major media outlets posted links to a YouTube video of the song, it was quickly removed by Interscope’s parent company, Universal Music Group. With a chorus that says, “I’m tired of using technology/Why don’t you sit down on top of me,” few people expected the video to be clean enough to run on any major music channel, but in a recent interview the G-Unit capo said he had plans of releasing more of the videos for Curtis directly to the public, much like the viral video campaign he launched against Cam’Ron with “Funeral Music.”

“I have a deal with YouTube and they’re doing a viral campaign for my album,” 50 told Vibe. “I had already been in communication with YouTube before I released the first video.” Fans will apparently have to wait, as all links to the clip have been replaced message stating that Universal has removed the video. Universal’s representatives were not available to comment on why the clip was removed.