Los Angeles, CA - 

When Smokepurpp recently stopped by HipHopDX to chop it up about his latest release Deadstar 2 he also opened up about his time on SoundCloud and named the artists he felt were the most impactful during it’s mighty reign between 2015 and 2017.

“I think Post Malone for sure because he was like the first person to blow up on SoundCloud. He was the first person to do that,” Smokepurpp revealed. “Fucking [XXXTENATACION] for sure. I feel like X played a big part and, me.”

Though the term “SoundCloud rapper” is usually a word thrown around as a way to discredit those who blew up off the platform, SoundCloud’s direct influence on the music industry and how we consume music is hard to deny.

Smokepurpp also revealed during the conversation that his collaborative project with Gucci Mane and Lil Pump as the rap group, Gucci Gang could still be on the way.

“It’s definitely still in the air. I mean, we recorded it,” he confirmed. “I wouldn’t say it’s done because we can always add more and do stuff to it but we recorded a lot of it.”

Watch the full clip of Smokepurpp discussing SoundCloud’s impact up top.

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