Hollywood, CA – During a sitdown with HipHopDX, The Game is acknowledging his past beef with 50 Cent and admitted he wanted things to play out akin to the fates of 2Pac and Biggie.

For starters, Game admitted that he didn’t make the best decisions when he was younger, which was caused by poor thinking.

“I wanted it to end like that,” he began. “‘Cause when you’re young, you’re stupid as fuck. I just felt like in a weird way, this was Hip Hop. We were supposed to die in this shit. My mindset was like, ‘If he get killed out here in New York,’ ’cause I recorded the whole The Doctor’s Advocate in New York. I stayed in New York for 60 days and completed that album, which is why it had like Busta [Rhymes] and Nas, it was more East Coast.”

He continued, “I thought even If I get killed on the East, when 50 goes to the West, my homies are going to kill him.”

Check out the entire interview clip above.