Boosie Badazz lambasted the pilot of Juice Wrld’s private jet in an interview with VladTV. The outspoken rapper blamed the pilot, who allegedly alerted authorities about firearms being on the plane, for Juice’s death.

“I want to beat that fuckin’ pilot ass,” he said. “Somebody need to beat that fuckin’ pilot ass, bro. The one who told the fuckin’ people they had guns on the plane. Bitch, you shouldn’t … you the one [whom] made the fuckin’ people come search the plane. That’s why he swallowed the shit. The rat! The fuckin’ snitching. It’s a worldwide fuckin’ epidemic: snitches. Ol’ snitchin’ ass bitch driving the plane go and alert the authorities. You snitchin’ ass ho. You a ho — if you listening, bitch.”

Juice reportedly swallowed multiple Percocet pills in an effort to conceal them. FBI and FAA agents were waiting on his flight’s arrival at the Chicago Midway International Airport to search the aircraft. Officials found 70 pounds of marijuana, three guns and a bottle of codeine.

After taking the pills, Juice suffered a seizure at the airport. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital on December 8.

“When the people come, mane, whatever you got, you gotta get rid of that shit, dawg,” Boosie told DJ Vlad. “When the police come, you gotta try your best to get rid of that shit and he took too much of that shit, mane. That shit had me pissed off! Ol’ rattin’ ass bitch.”

When Vlad questioned Boosie about why a successful artist like Juice would have people around him smuggling 70 lbs. of weed into Chicago, the veteran rapper frankly answered, “I don’t know.” But the Baton Rouge native also shared some perspective, citing age as a factor in the error in judgment.

“You gotta understand Vlad when you that man’s age, you make so many mistakes, bro,” he said. “When you that age, bro, and money coming to you like that … When I was that age, I used to have eight, nine cars. You don’t be sharp up here at that age.”

He continued, “I don’t give a fuck what people say because when money hits you, it’s a whole different thing. You think different. You don’t make the right decisions, dawg, when you got a lot of money and you young. That money’ll fuck you up, dawg. That money will fuck you up. Millions of dollars at fuckin’ 19, 20 years old. R.I.P. Juice Wrld. That was some fucked up shit, dawg.”

Juice, whose real name was Jarad Higgins, was 21 years old. His family held a private funeral to lay him to rest on December 13.

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