HipHopDX Premiere

Based in the university town of Fort Collins, Colorado, burgeoning rapper and Alaska native Rolos Rios is an integral component of the underground Hip Hop scene in Northern Colorado.

With his roots firmly planted in classic Hip Hop, Rolos emanates nothing but positivity and possesses an uncanny knack for getting the crowd engaged.

Case in point, his new video for “Everybody” features a nod to Digable Planets’ “Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” as he spits, “We be to rap/Like key be to lock.”

Throughout the visual, Rolos notices how those around him looks at him funny but as he demonstrates in the video, he doesn’t have time for the haters.



“This is my interpretation of the reaction I gained in local Hip Hop by staying focused, determined and active,” Rolos tells HipHopDX. “Not at all a diss record to anyone but a clear and precise note to how I viewed my impact among my peers, coworkers and fellow artists.

“Though it may not seem like the most popular concept, I felt it to be more relatable than artist give it credit for because I can’t think of an artist I know that has not felt the same way at least once. Even so, we keep on pushing and believe in the process. That’s what this is about!”

Directed by Colorado Hip Hop ambassadors Kind Dub and Rolos himself, the laid back visual sets the tone perfectly for the jazz-infused cut.



Rolos has hopped on the mic at the last five Groundwaves events in Fort Collins, which is hosted by Murs and The Music District. His natural ability to own the spotlight was evident at every one.

Check him out here and watch the “Everybody” video up top.