Akon is being investigated by police in Fishkill, NY after footage leaked of him trowing a concert-goer into the crowd according to eurweb.com. In the aftermath of his on-stage sex simulation with a minor in Trinidad, he was performing as part of WSPK FM’s annual KFest event on Sunday when he allegedly sought revenge on a crowd participant.

Cell phone footage shows an object being thrown toward Akon as he addresses the crowd. He then asks the audience to point out the culprit and has his security bring the young man on stage.

Akon removed his shirt, lifted the boy and tossed him off stage, into the crowd as the audience cheered.

“Now we can start the show! Ya’ll ready?” he shouted at the crowd when the boy hit the ground.

The victim has yet to be identified and there is no word on whether he suffered any injuries.

“We’re trying to identify
that kid, just to find out whether or not we have any kind of criminal
offense,” Detective. Lt. John Berlingieri told the Poughkeepsie
Journal. “We are looking to speak to him. No victim. No crime.”

Although details are still unclear, it is believed however, that the episode was staged as part of his
performance. Security guards usually would not instigate
potential violence by delivering an object-throwing audience
member straight to his target. Also, after the boy was thrown offstage,
used the incident to segue into the introduction of his next song.

“Now he got me feeling by
myself,” Akon told the crowd to louder cheering and applause. “I thought I had
fans of support. Ain’t no reason for me to be on stage feeling like…”

And then “Lonely” was played.