“Chicago Runs Shit” is not just an opinion anymore. Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell have joined up to form a new super-group named exactly that. Lupe and Kanye both call Chicago home while Pharrell is a Virginia Beach native himself. A more fitting group of Chicago artists might have been Common, Lupe and Kanye. Regardless, the group (which isn’t about fashion) is quite possibly the top secret project Lupe Fiasco referred to in an interview with Billboard magazine earlier this month. 

In that interview, Lupe was said to be working on a “top secret project” with “another superstar rapper and someone who is a rapper/producer.” It was not revealed whether or not this would be for an entire album or just a few songs.

The ‘CRS’ group was revealed over the weekend when details surrounding the “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” mixtape were released. The first song the group released is the track “Us Placers” which uses a sample off of Thom Yorke‘s (of the group Radiohead) “The Erasers.”

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