Chicago, IL - 

Chicago-area woman and friend of R. Kelly, Valencia Love, dished out $100,000 to release him from jail back in February.

Since then, the disgraced singer is back in custody without bond after racking up more sex crimes charges and Love reportedly wants her money back, according to The Chicago Tribune. A Cook County judge says too bad.

Love’s attorney, John Collins, wrote in the four-page motion she was “unaware of any additional ongoing investigations” when she posted his $100,000 bond and argued it’s nonsensical for the money to sit “in deposit” if Kelly is in custody.

Collins also contends Love paid $50,000 in back child support on behalf of the “Pied Piper of R&B” when he was jailed for missing payments to ex-wife Andrea Kelly, according to Page Six.

Circuit Judge Lawerence Flood denied the bid, saying she has no legal basis to ask for her money back.

Love reportedly claims she’s just trying to help a friend out. Opposed to using the bail money on herself, Love actually intended on using the money on Kelly’s other legal fees.

Kelly is now incarcerated in Chicago on federal charges in both Chicago and New York for racketeering, sex trafficking and paying off witnesses in his 2008 child pornography case. He was also charged with prostitution in Minnesota last month. The judge overseeing his Chicago federal case set a trial date for April 27, tentatively, though prosecutors aren’t sure which case to try first.

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