Gangsta rap legend Ice-T has returned with a vengeance. On Thursday (September 12), he rolled out the second of three new videos called “Too Old For The Dumb Shit,” which stars his wife Coco and 3-year-old daughter Chanel Nicole, but that’s where the G-rated element ends.

Ice, who plays a wealthy hustler, is forced to handle a snitch in his crew after he’s caught wearing a wire. Ice can’t believe the person would turn on him considering he once treated him like a son.

But, a gangsta has to do what a gangsta has to do. After kissing Coco and Chanel goodbye, Ice grabs two firearms before the video goes into a clip of his previously released visual, “Feds In My Rearview.”

“Too Old For The Dumb Shit” actually serves as Part 1 in the trilogy while “Feds In My Rearview” is Part 2.

“I said, ‘You know what? I’ve been in film, what if I made a trilogy where the videos were as important as the song and do one, two, three songs that tell like a story of this criminal that’s going through these different things,” Ice told AllHipHop. “So the ‘Feds’ trilogy is three songs, I did it out of order like George Lucas [Star Wars]. I’m releasing ‘Too Old For The Dumb Shit,’ which is actually Part 1 in the series.”

Throughout the track, the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actor puts his storytelling prowess to good use and lays out exactly what’s happening in the video.

Ice’s last solo album, Gangsta Rap, arrived in 2006. Since then he’s been pumping out albums with Body Count and starring in commercials (lemonade, anyone?) while maintaining his role as NYPD Detective/Sergeant Odafin Tutuola on SVU over the past 19 years.

Watch “Too Old For The Dumb Shit” above.