Los Angeles, CA - 

In the upcoming new episode of Crook’s Corner, KXNG Crooked sits down with veteran West Coast rapper, actor and entrepreneur Xzibit.

In a bonus clip, Mr. X To The Z breaks down how a dimming rap career pushed him to explore outside opportunities to keep his livelihood intact.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I started rapping,” he says, noting he got to experience fandom at an extreme degree. “I knew how that felt … and I knew how it felt when it didn’t seem to be happening for me anymore.”

As he explains, he still loved music and had a desire to be creative — but had to take care of his people, his family and himself. It was during this exploration for new ventures that Pimp My Ride came to fruition.

“When that was over, I didn’t want to do reality TV anymore … fuck that shit; I wanted to do movies,” he says, noting that he took acting classes and even did plays to hone his craft.

“I immersed myself in being the best actor he could be … once that happened, I started landing films.”

Xzibit has an impressive filmography, appearing in films such as 8 Mile and Gridiron Gang (alongside Dwayne Johnson) — and more recently, he played the role of Shyne Johnson on the TV series Empire.

The more steady and “viable” income gave him the freedom to pursue other investments.

One such investment was Brass Knuckles Vapes & Extracts, which made him a significant player in the cannabis industry. It was a brand he backed silently, allowing the brand to shine without the Xzibit brand propelling it.

As the clip wraps, Xzibit drops a final gem: “Nobody is going to hand you the secret to success. It doesn’t come in a folder or pamphlet,” he says, pointing to his journey. “I had to literally start over.”

Watch the full clip above.