Whether or not he’s high (that’s debatable), Beanie Sigel has some choice words to say about fellow Roc-A-Fella member Kanye and Pharrell.

Amidst stuttering and repeating himself, Beans had this to say: “Now look who hot…now look who everyone wanna be like…they wanna be like Kanye and Pharrell! Them dudes is not cool! They not cool to be. That’s not cool to be in the hood…like they whole image. Who would wanna be that?”

The Phillidelphia rapper continued his criticism, as he gave his personal opinions on what Kanye dresses like, “Like you wearin’ Louis Vitton driving shoes! Like who does that in the hood? Who dresses like that? Silk shirts with the buttons, with the chest hair out and all that? Who does that? Like they trying too hard…”

Finally, Beans dropped this gem: “Where I’m from, you walkin’ down the street like that, you liable to get something happen to you. Yeah, you might as well come out the closet, homeboy.”

The interview, shown in the following video, will be featured on the Beef IV DVD.