New York, NY – 2019 has seen an explosion of talented lyrical women who are delivering rhymes and bops all year long and it doesn’t seem like the female rap reign is slowing down anytime soon. Prominent Laila’s Wisdom rhyme slayer Rapsody shared who some of her favorite lady rappers are on a recent episode of Complex’s original digital series Everyday Struggle today (August 15).

“I’m excluding myself, of course,” she said when asked who her favorite lady rappers were. “Cardi‘s my favorite. Leikeli47, Tokyo Jetz — I love her. I like Megan Thee Stallion but I just haven’t heard enough because I’ve been so busy. Ill Camille in the West Coast in LA. And the fifth one, there’s an artist out of Texas I like a lot, her name is [OMB] Bloodbath.”

She also names New Orleans mainstay 3D Na’Tee as someone she frequently listens to.

Though there are noticeably more women who rap charting on the Billboard charts over the past year, it has not come without stark criticism in regards to what and how women are choosing to deliver their image and rhymes.

In particular, decorated producer Jermaine Dupri recently made comments that the only thing up-and-coming women rap about is stripping. It didn’t take long for the Twitter to come with their snarky rebuttals and sassy memes, disregarding Dupri’s opinions regardless of his respected musical history.

Jermaine recently stopped by HipHopDX headquarters for an episode of Crook’s Corner in Hollywood and took the time to clarify his statement. He insists that he was actually referring to mainstream artists.

Nevertheless, Rapsody was asked about JD’s comments, the North Carolina native thought he could have answered the question a bit more tastefully and encourages him to endorse a woman who raps that he likes.

“For him, that was a perfect opportunity to shed light on people that you do like,” the “Ibtihaj” lyricist said. “I think we focus sometimes too much on what we don’t necessarily like and what’s not for us instead of talking about what you do like, You’re Jermaine Dupri — a legend. Your voice carries weight, so co-sign somebody, whoever that may be.”

Her forthcoming album Eve is set to uplift all women and is slated for release on August 23 with features from rap icon Queen Latifah, J. Cole and GZA, among others. Her Grammy Award-nominated album Laila’s Wisdom landed on No. 4 of HipHopDX’s Best Rap Albums List from women.

Watch the full interview with Rapsody on Complex’s Everyday Struggle up top.