R. Kelly‘s got a lot going on. While currently on hit records, he is still plagued by allegations of his appearance on a video, where he allegedly urinates on an under-aged female. Through this, R. Kelly‘s ex-wife has remained quiet, but she finally broke the silence to a magazine, recently.


On her perseverance:


“Some people in my position would probably be very broken right now, and they would probably be saying, ‘Woe is me.’ But I’m just not that person,” she told Essence. “If you knew what it took to be in [my] position. I would hope people would take away from this that you can’t just look at a women in my position and judge her because of things you perceive in a video or stuff you hear on the street.”


On her kids and divorce:


“They may say, ‘Mom and Dad went through a storm,’ …But it’s not the storm I want them to remember, it’s how their mom came out of it…I have children. I would never do anything to hurt their father. We have a bond that we will have for the rest of our lives because we have children. … That we filed for divorce is not that important.”


On the effect the case has had on her:


“I know the allegations against my husband don’t reflect on me as an individual…They don’t reflect on me as a mom or as a wife, and they don’t reflect on me in my everyday life. … [But] I don’t want to sit here and act as if I have some halo over my head. A person has to ask, ‘How much did I allow?’ “


In related news, R. Kelly has decided to write a song dedicated to Virginia Tech and the people affected by the shooting. The song, “Rise Up” will be available for others to download May 15. The sales of the net downloads will go to a fund that was made for those affected by the tragic incident.