Comedian Chris D’Elia has come a long way over the past several months.

In February, he caught Eminem’s attention for his eerily accurate Slim Shady impersonations and by May, was contributing guest vocals to Logic’s “Homicide” single featuring the Detroit-bred rap god.

Now, the motley trio have dropped a video together for the Confessions Of A Dangerous Mindcut.



Directed by James Larese, the visual kicks off with a cameo from Def Jam CEO Paul Rosenberg, who informs Logic he’s unable to get Eminem to show up for the video shoot. So, a member of Logic’s team suggests D’Elia should star as Em’s body double and The Sandlot‘s Chauncey “Squints” Leopardi should play Logic.

Em does eventually enter the picture and delivers an impeccable impression of D’Elia impersonating him.

Watch the visual up top.